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Becoming Christians Academy

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What is the Meaning of Life?

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Have you ever wondered why you are here on Earth? What is your purpose? What is the meaning of life?

In this eye-opening exclusive masterclass, that's exactly what you'll learn.

We will answer life's greatest questions through the Word of God. Discover your incredible destiny and the amazing future God has for you!

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Courses Offered:

Teach Us To Pray

Learn how to transform your life through prayer in just 21 days!

Inspiring Stories

40-day reflections on faith, hope, friendship, love, forgiveness, parenting, and a lot more.

7 Powerful Habits of Highly Effective Christians

Learn what it takes to truly be a zealous and faithful servant of God!

Heroes of Faith

Meet the most faithful people of God listed in Hebrews 11 and learn how to steadily grow your faith.

Read the Bible in 365 Days

Go through the whole Scripture with daily powerful and life-changing reflections.

What is Becoming Christians Academy?

Biblical education that elevates your spiritual life.

Becoming Christians Academy is the best online course for you if you want to be a zealous and profitable servant of God.

Some of the powerful lessons you'll learn include the following:

  • How to become an effective Christian
  • How to increase your faith
  • How to live a victorious life
  • How to read the Bible

We offer life-changing courses that open your understanding of the Bible. Each lesson is designed to teach you how to live this life for the glory of the Most High.

Improve your Biblical understanding, faith, and relationship with God today!


What if you can learn the biblical habits that dramatically enable you to live a victorious life and develop unshakable faith in the Most High God?

What if you can learn these principles in the comfort of your home and by spending at least 10 minutes a day?

Soon you can!

The Becoming Christians Academy will help you achieve your spiritual goals --- step by step, lesson by lesson, day by day!

Are you any one of these?

  • A person who is a babe in Christ
  • A long-time Christian who is looking for new ways to ignite their faith
  • A pastor, minister, or church leader who is looking for new messages to share with their congregation
  • A servant of God who is struggling with sin
  • A man or woman who wants to know how to share the Word of God
  • A church member who wants to better understand the Bible
  • A brother or sister in Christ who want to prove God’s existence

If so, then this online course is for you!

Becoming Christians Academy gives you all that you need about becoming a zealous servant of God.

From improving your faith to overcoming sin, I have outlined biblical principles and powerful lessons that will help you achieve your spiritual goals.

BCA Bundle Courses

Read the Whole Bible in 365 Days

Heroes of Faith

The 7 Powerful Habits of Highly Effective Christians

Inspiring Stories Course

Teach Us To Pray Course

Read the Bible in 365 Days


How to Live a Victorious Life


The Seven Powerful Habits of Highly Effective Christians


The Eleventh Chapter of HEBREWS


The Power of His Word


About Me

The magnificent obsession of Joshua is to help people find God in their lives. After that, give them the right wisdom and knowledge to live a life that reflects the character of God the Father and Jesus Christ. Joshua is a Filipino, brother, friend, teacher, lover, adventurer, inspirer, joker, observer, learner, student of life, blogger, and a servant of God.