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The Power of His Word

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Believing in God is easy. What’s more challenging is growing and improving your faith. Do you have what it takes to become a Christian whom God will be pleased with? How can you have the living faith that God will find commendable when He returns here on earth?

In this book, The Power of His Word, you will discover 50 life-changing sermonettes that address different aspects of being a Christian. It goes deep in discussing how to become a better follower of Jesus Christ. The topics include relationships, faith, love, hope, prayer, preaching the Gospel, and putting God first in your life.

As you read The power of His Word, you will discover what it really means to be a Christian who has unshakeable faith in God. The book includes practical wisdom and knowledge that you can use in your everyday existence. The lessons in this book, when put into practice, will surely change your life FOREVER.

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