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10 Habits of an Ungrateful Person

Do you want to know whether you are a person who is ungrateful? If yes, then you should take a look at these 10 habits that you might have:

No. 1: Not saying thank you

No. 2: Always complaining

No. 3: Taking things for granted

No. 4: Always dissatisfied

No. 5: Feeling self-entitled

No. 6: Focusing on the negative

No. 7: Comparing yourself to others 

No. 8: Having a victim mentality

No. 9: Keeping a record of wrong

No. 10: Being materialistic

Unknowingly being ungrateful

These are the 10 habits of unthankful people. As you can see, you probably have not realized it but we are guilty of this. Sometimes, we become unthankful without us even knowing it! Personally, I thought I was somewhat of a decently grateful person, but when I was preparing this list, I realized I had a lot of things to improve.

How to be thankful

Now that we know how to be unthankful, how can we reverse this process? How can we avoid all these causes of unthankfulness? There are plenty of ways. However, instead of going through each of these issues and giving you a list of solutions, let me just give you one powerful and effective answer.

So, what is this solution? Here’s the answer found in 1 Chronicles 16:34:

34 Oh, give thanks to the LORD, for He is good!
For His mercy endures forever.

We are instructed to give thanks to Yahweh and what was the reason given? For He is good! You see, friends, this is actually revolutionary. This should dramatically revolutionize the way we see life. When you truly know and understand that God is good, it inevitably leads to gratefulness.

If you know that God is good, then you will say thank you more often. If you know that God is good, you won’t be complaining that much anymore. If you know that God is good, you will not take things for granted, you will be more satisfied in life, you won’t feel entitled, you will focus more on the positive, and so on.

So, if you want to avoid being ungrateful, start remembering the goodness of God in your life!


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