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Read Your Bible in 365 Days

Go Through the Whole Scripture with Daily Powerful Reflections

How to Study the Bible with 4 Simple Steps | FREE Masterclass

Have you ever looked at the pages of your Bible and wished that you can understand it better and deeper? So many people have a shallow understanding of the Bible, but it doesn't have to be this way.

In this masterclass, let me share with you the most effective, but easy steps in studying the Bible.

What You Will Learn:


Save time by using our guided reading plan and know exactly what to read next.


Gain 365 insights into how to apply the Scripture in your daily life.


Know the practical applications of the Bible verses that you study.

Start your spiritual journey

Read the Bible from Genesis to Revelation

The Bible is literally breathed by the Almighty God. It contains the only key to eternal life. It shows us who God is, why we are here, how to live this life and the ultimate destiny of mankind.

It's time that you read the most important Book in its entirety. This course will guide you each day in your walk with the Most High and discover His purpose for you!

What is Read Your Bible Course?

Read the Scripture in its entirety in the most engaging way possible.

The Read Your Bible course will take you on a life-changing journey from Genesis to Revelation. The course comes with a 365-day reading guide plan that will help you know what to read each day of the program.

The course is designed for you to start reading the Bible any day of the year. So, you don't need to wait for January 1 to start.

The most fantastic feature of this course is the daily reflection. On top of the assigned verses to read for the day, you get to learn the deep meaning of what you have just read.

You gain a better understanding of difficult Scripture and know how to apply the powerful lessons you learn from the Bible.

If there's only one book that you should read from cover to cover, it should be the Bible.

It holds the key to eternal life.

It introduces us to the Supreme Ruler of this vast universe.

It helps you know how to make the right decisions.

It's time that you take the Word of God seriously.

Decide today to read the most important Book of all time!

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How this course will help you

Is this course right for you? Yes, if you are one of these:

✔️ You want to read the most important Book in the history of the whole universe.

✔️ You need the motivation and guide to go through the Bible completely.

✔️ You want to gain a deeper understanding of little-known passages.

✔️ You desire to know your Heavenly Father, what He is like, what His plans for you, and how He takes care of you.

✔️ You want to learn surprising lessons a few people only know.

✔️ You want to accomplish one of the greatest achievements in your life, which is reading the bible from cover to cover.

Free eBook

When you enroll in my course, you will receive the book version, "Read the Bible in 365 Days" for FREE!

To receive this eBook, you simply have to complete the trial period. After three days, you will then receive the book in PDF, Mobi, and epub file format so you can read it on any device you like.

The bonus material gives you the option to go through the course in a book format. Not only that, but you'll also read additional resources that will further improve your Bible study!